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ISACA membership reveals your high standards, speaks to your professional values and associates you with a distinguished group of peers.

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ISACA gives you access to the critical information you need to succeed and add value to your enterprise. As part of a talented global community of IS/IT audit, assurance, security, cybersecurity, risk and governance professionals, you have the opportunity to contribute directly to advancing the profession and developing its body of knowledge.

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* Total membership fees consist of International Dues + Local Chapter Dues + New Member Fee. Australian membership dues payments will include an additional 10% for GST. Local chapter dues vary by location; see Chapter Dues  for a current listing. The new member fee is US $30.00 if you mail or fax your member application and US $10.00 if you join online. Membership in the association requires joining both the international association and a local chapter when residing or working within its territory.

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ISACA Membership—Discover More

Connect and Network

ISACA professional members include IT and information systems professionals covering a range of titles and disciplines, many with a focus in IT assurance, control, security, governance and risk.

As an ISACA member, you belong to a community of professionals that share mutual goals, interests and commitments. Becoming involved with your local chapter and attending ISACA events will allow you to make valuable connections with peers, share knowledge and discover new opportunities in your profession.

"Networking is key to landing a new position— approximately 79% of new jobs are found through networking."

Advance Your Career

No matter where you are on your career path, ISACA equips you with the resources, training and education you need to expand your professional development opportunities. Many professionals worldwide consider membership in ISACA essential to their ongoing education, career progression and value delivery to their enterprises.

ISACA membership—A community of more than 140,000 global professionals (125,000 members and 15,000 non-member certification holders), ISACA is characterized by its diversity. Members live and work in more than 200 countries and cover a variety of professional IT-related positions. Some are in the most senior ranks, others are at middle management levels and still others are new to the field. They work in nearly all industry categories, including financial and banking, public accounting, government and the public sector, utilities and manufacturing.

ISACA membership sets you apart from other IT professionals by signifying that you are:

  • Dedicated to best practices and successful results
  • Committed to professional growth and advancement
  • Helping to advance your profession
  • A seeker of professional knowledge and a problem solver
  • Serious about continuing education
  • Connected with a highly regarded organization
  • Part of a global network of peers

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IMPORTANT: Required IRS Notice
The Tax Reform Act of 1993 includes a provision that eliminates the portion of an association member’s dues attributable to an association’s lobbying expenses. Beginning with 1994, associations have been required to notify their members about the non-deductible portion of their dues and similar payments at the time of assessment or payment of dues.

Contributions or gifts to Information Systems Audit and Control Association, Inc. (ISACA) are not deductible as charitable contributions for U.S. income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities. ISACA estimates that the non-deductible portion of your 2019 ISACA membership dues – the portion that is allocable to lobbying – is 1.0%. Contributions or gifts to the IT Governance Institute, an institute organized and operated for educational purposes, may be tax-deductible as charitable contributions. Please consult your tax advisor.