The Cyberresilient Enterprise: What the Board of Directors Needs to Ask 


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Move Beyond Standalone Risk Protection to Enterprise Wide Risk Management and Operational Sustainability

Advances in the digital marketplace are creating more opportunities for value—and risk. As organizations leverage cloud computing, the Internet of Things, mobile computing and social media, digital risk management takes on greater importance. Theft of personal information and private business information, misappropriation of resources, denial of service, and cybertheft are more common for enterprises large and small.

In the past, businesses used separate approaches to information security, business continuity and incident response. Today, a new comprehensive approach is required. The urgency of providing continuously available services for customers and business partners in a digital economy requires organizations to be resilient.

Learn how to make the important transition to becoming a cyberresilient enterprise with this thought-provoking resource that will help you:

  • Ask the right questions to set priorities and to balance protection from attack with nimble, innovative operations
  • Connect protection and recovery programs to the overall mission and goals of the organization
  • Implement integrated programs to provide for the sustainability of essential services in the face of active or emerging threats