Is Mobile the Winner in Payment Security? 

Mobile Wallet PAN Tokenization Is Proving to Be Hard to Hack

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Information systems security professionals are looking cautiously at recent innovations in mobile payments, due to massive data breaches of payment card data and the ever-increasing number of identity theft crimes.

Could their fears be alleviated if they knew that today’s mobile technology is potentially more secure than their traditional plastic credit cards? Or more secure than the online shopping they do on e-commerce sites?

ISACA is ready to challenge the negative security perceptions of mobile payments and explains in this White Paper how the security solutions of mobile payments are mitigating risk and raising trust, and how, with proper controls in place, mobile payments can reduce risk for the enterprise.

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Partially due to these unfounded fears about mobile security, buyers have been slow to adopt this new technology and take advantage of its advances. This, in turn, causes merchants to overlook this payment option and the benefits it brings to business operations and record-keeping. Recent surveys confirm this vicious circle.

Clearly, as our infographic illustrates, the benefits of using mobile payments are great for both buyers and sellers.