COBIT 5 Diagram Poster Series 

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Some of the most popular diagrams from the COBIT 5 framework have been “posterized” and are ready for download. Each poster is:

  • Full-color, 8½ x 11 
  • PDF format
  • Suitable for framing 

The COBIT 5 framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT is highly valued by commercial, not-for-profit and public-sector organizations. Enterprise executives, IT professionals and business consultants depend on its globally accepted principles, practices, analytical tools and models to drive business value from trusted information and technology. Among the more popular elements from COBIT 5 are the diagrams illustrating important practical concepts.

Now you can download your favorite diagrams, share them with your teams and even provide feedback on its value—tell us about your previous experience using the COBIT concept (or how you hope or plan to use it).

COBIT is a practical tool developed to help you and your organization achieve success. These posters will help you learn more about COBIT, educate your company or clients, and provide COBIT insights that will help you transform your organization.

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