Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality 

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Virtual and augmented realities are often lumped together in discussions, often for convenience, but they are not the same. Virtual reality (VR) is a replacement for reality using computer-generated simulations; augmented reality (AR) does not replace reality, but embellishes it with computer-generated enhancements. In addition, they can be combined to create a truly immersive experience for the user. More and more, businesses are finding important uses for these technologies, beyond gaming and entertainment.

This FREE ISACA Tech Brief: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality provides a layman’s understanding of how VR and AR are used by various enterprises and industries to drive product innovation and workforce productivity. Get past the hype and see how these emerging technologies are using virtual spaces and simulations to drive better real-world results.

Learn about the positive potential for these developments, the risks associated with them, and what the future may hold for VR and AR adoption by enterprises and individuals—download your FREE copy today!

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