Threat Intelligence 

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ISACA Tech Briefs Series

Security of applications, services and information has become an essential part of our daily lives, for both individuals and their enterprises. Consequently, protection strategies have evolved and gained sophistication as information has risen in importance and as enterprises have become increasingly reliant on these digital services and applications. In recent years, security practitioners have had to embrace alternative strategies beyond the simple “keep the bad guys out” approach.

This FREE ISACA Tech Brief: Threat Intelligence provides a layman’s understanding of how threat intelligence is used by enterprises as another layer of defense—one that assumes protections will be penetrated. Threat intelligence in this context refers to the systematic gathering of evidence about the threat environment (indicators of compromise, behaviors, motivations, etc.), analysis of the evidence as it relates to a specific enterprise and ultimately the utilization of that analysis to minimize risk.

Learn about who uses threat intelligence, how it is acquired, what are the current challenges and what will be the future of this technology—download your FREE copy today!

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The complimentary Tech Brief series is designed to offer a high-level overview of an emerging or burgeoning technology for those unfamiliar or unaware of the subject. Practitioners can use these reports to help non-IT professionals and stakeholders with their basic understanding of the topics covered.