The Darknet 

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The Darknet is a portion of the Internet that more and more people have heard about, but very few have visited. There’s a reason for that—the darknet, the people who use it anonymously, and the activities that take place there don’t want to be uncovered, except by others who also wish to engage in those hidden activities. Sometimes people or enterprises are just communicating surreptitiously; other times, illegal activities are taking place.

This FREE ISACA Tech Brief: The Darknet provides a basic understanding of the mysterious world of content that exists on overlay networks using hidden or obscured URLs, locations and identities—which for enterprises can be a great source of information or a serious detriment to their existence. Accessing the darknet can be done for a number of legitimate reasons, but doing so carries great risks and protections are needed.

Learn about the darknet and how it is used as well as the potential dangers for enterprises and recommended best practices every organization and IT practitioner should know. Download your FREE copy today.

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