IT Governance and Process Maturity 

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IT Governance and Process Maturity

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This project achieved the research objective of developing robust benchmark information and providing a means for organizations to answer the question, ‘How do we compare with our peers?’ This report is divided into seven chapters plus two appendices:

  1. Introduction
  2. Describes the study method and demographics of the organizations that took part.
  3. Presents the primary research findings.
  4. Provides the disaggregated data, the maturity level for each attribute for each process.
  5. Divides the 51 organizations along several different demographic variables.
  6. Presents a general set of instructions for organizations to perform a self-assessment against the benchmark data in this report.
  7. Includes recommendations for future research to expand on the findings in this study.

Appendix 1 Presents the maturity attribute table.
Appendix 2 Provides a series of tables including the average maturity levels by attribute within each process for the 51 organizations as a group and data divided by demographic variables.

The report was developed from a field study that collected maturity level data on COBIT process control objectives.