ISACA Tech Briefs 

Technology Primers for the Uninitiated

The pace of innovation in the IS/IT sector is brisk, and new concepts and technologies emerge quickly. At times, it can be difficult for the practitioner to keep up. This problem is especially true for new learners or non-IT business professionals. ISACA has developed a series of Tech Briefs to help address this situation.

IT is pervasive in enterprise culture and business strategy, yet most stakeholders are not IT practitioners and therefore are not highly proficient or well-versed in emerging and burgeoning technologies. ISACA Tech Briefs help to bridge this information gap in many enterprises and are an excellent tool for the IT practitioner to use when helping educate fellow business stakeholders and associates.

Our complimentary Tech Briefs series covers the following topics:

The Tech Briefs quote thought leaders and provide statistics to ground the lessons in real world activities. Learn how these topics affect the current business environment, what are the challenges and risks associated with the benefits, and what the future may hold for these innovations. Download any or all of them FREE today!