How Enterprises Are Calculating Cloud ROI 

Measuring Both Financial and Nonfinancial Outcomes

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Considering a major change to your IT operations? If so, your enterprise likely will calculate anticipated return on investment (ROI) as part of the consideration process. Whether moving to a new cloud service, or gauging the efficacy of your current cloud provider, having a benchmark like ROI can streamline decision-making. However, using only financial measurements may not tell the whole story.

Enterprises are increasingly justifying their cloud investment based on nonfinancial criteria, according to the results of an ISACA Cloud ROI survey reported in our FREE white paper, How Enterprises Are Calculating Cloud ROI.
A majority still do financial ROI calculations, based on the survey, but fewer now than in previous years. In addition, tangible and intangible costs are being considered in these financial calculations as well as non-financial considerations such as enhanced business agility and increased flexibility in accounting for expenses.

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