COBIT 5/CMMI Practices Pathway Tool 

The Combined Power of COBIT/CMMI Connections

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When using framework and standards guidance, you are often faced with making meaningful use of multiple guidance products that do not easily intersect with one another. This makes implementation of subsequent guidance cumbersome. Typically, you search for products that provide intersection points so that redundant implementation effort can be spared. These products are generally referred to as “mapping tools.”

But mapping tools do not provide additional guidance related to any specific area of interest. You are left only with direct connection points, and you do not know whether you could have benefitted from greater guidance in the areas specifically under consideration. Another element missing from traditional mapping tools is the ability to easily map backward. Mapping tools are built to guide you from one specific product to another, but not the other way around.

Making New Connections, Providing More Flexibility, Creating Better Outcomes

The new COBIT® 5/CMMI® V1.3 Practices Pathway Tool presents a unique approach to using two specific products, COBIT 5 and the four CMMI maturity models (Dev, Acq, Svc, and People CMM).

  • Whether you are using COBIT 5 or CMMI, this tool will help you apply one model along with the other to identify IT governance and management good practices that you should have in place for operational excellence.
  • The tool provides practitioners with guidance on how to make their processes more robust by creating additional or stronger elements in their process designs.
  • The tool can be leveraged to utilize organizational resources more effectively and efficiently, measure performance more accurately and lower costs through stronger governance.

Acknowledging that work is performed at the practice level, the tool presents all practice content from both products. The aggregate content is structured such that it can be searched by domain, process area, or practice. Additionally, the tool can be used bi-directionally—you can start with either COBIT 5 or CMMI and find related guidance in the other product.

The COBIT® 5/CMMI® V1.3 Practices Pathway Tool enables “building of a blueprint” that can be tailored to each unique organization’s needs — from low-level processes up through high-level governance requirements—enhancing strategic vision for your enterprise. For example, while COBIT was developed with IT in mind, through the use of the tool, COBIT concepts and practices can be easily applied to a service organization through the pathways connecting COBIT to CMMI Services (and vice-versa).