Auditing Artificial Intelligence 

What IT Auditors Need to Know

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Predictions regarding the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on the business community vary from significant to earth-shattering, depending on who you ask and the industry affected. AI innovations will change the way many people work in the future. And this includes IT auditors, who will need to figure how best to conduct audit and assurance activities for enterprises deploying this emerging technology.

There is no mature auditing framework in place for AI, nor any AI-specific regulations, standards or mandates. Precedents don’t exist. AI systems vary widely from each other, and outsourcing is the preferred solution to on-boarding the technology, which further disperses acquired knowledge on AI.

Our FREE white paper, Auditing Artificial Intelligence, offers a path forward for practitioners, preparing them for what to expect and how to approach AI in a real-world audit scenario. As had been done when cloud computing and cybersecurity were emerging technologies, auditors shouldn’t feel the need to audit AI algorithms and instead should focus on governance of AI and integration among systems.

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