Assessing IoT 

Internet of Things: Upsides, Downsides & Emerging Ethics

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Internet of Things (IoT) advancements hold the potential for rapid innovation. When combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence, IoT creates a vast opportunity for innovators, with either positive or negative intentions. When rolling out these technologies, the challenge for IT professionals will be balancing the need for speed to market versus the necessity to responsibly and safely realize IoT benefits.

ISACA’s white paper, Assessing IoT, examines the professional ethics involved in balancing these IoT considerations. When we consider the upsides and downsides of IoT, an entirely new governance dimension begins to compel our attention.

The opportunities associated with IoT bring new demands—including proactive responsibility and accountability—for all aspects of IoT, from creation to destruction. Furthermore, IoT offers prospects for greater collaboration among IT, engineering and business disciplines, adding new dimensions to workflows and assurance. IoT is our future, so we cannot leave it to chance. Download your FREE copy of our white paper today!