Assessing Cryptographic Systems 

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  Sample Policy on the Use of Cryptographic Controls

The role of an auditor is rarely easy, but few areas of technology review and assessment are as challenging or more important as auditing cryptographic systems and components.

In this white paper, Assessing Cryptographic Systems, you will gain vital guidance that will help familiarize you with the essentials and reduce the complexities of assessing cryptographic concepts, applications, potential vulnerabilities and threats. From exploring the basics, to highlighting potential areas of concern, and recommending success strategies you can apply in many environments, this publication will improve your skills and processes for auditing cryptographic systems by taking you through:

  • Terminology, Concepts and Components
  • Cryptosystem Fundamentals, Applications and Assessment in context
  • Cryptosystem Assessment in Practice
  • Ongoing Monitoring

In addition, we have created a free Sample Policy on the Use of Cryptographic Controls that can be used in your enterprise. This template can be used as-is to enforce usage rules among employees and other stakeholders, or it can be modified for specific situations. Enforcing a uniform company-wide policy is a key step in avoiding potential damage from unauthorized use of cryptographic systems. Download your copy today!