Adopting GDPR Using COBIT 5 

A Step-by-Step Guide for Your Enterprise

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The clock is ticking on the May 2018 deadline for compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For any enterprise in the world that conducts business with at least one citizen of the EU, that enterprise must comply with GDPR protections of personally identifiable information ... or face stiff penalties.

When adopting these regulations, it is advantageous for an enterprise to have a solid governance function in place, to help with implementation and execution. And if the organization lacks that structure, GDPR compliance is a good reason to begin creating that structure in your enterprise.

In this situation, the COBIT 5 framework shines—and the details are highlighted in a FREE ISACA white paper, Adopting GDPR Using COBIT 5. COBIT 5 is best used as a master framework for all of the other frameworks and standards the enterprise may use. Using a COBIT 5 approach to GDPR adoption will result in a comprehensive implementation plan that meets regulatory mandates. This white paper breaks down the GDPR into its basic components and highlights the specific COBIT processes to consider in creating your unique plan for compliance.

In addition, be sure to get your copy of our companion infographic that features 10 techniques taken from real-world implementations by enterprises, Key Tips & Takeaways for GDPR Implementation Using COBIT 5.