2012 Cloud Computing Market Maturity Study Results 

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The maturity of a product or service offering changes over time, advancing from infancy through levels of maturity before eventually reaching a plateau and decline. Cloud computing, according to participants in a 2012 study conducted jointly by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA, is at the point of advancing from infancy to growth and is reaching a level of maturity at which enterprises can benefit greatly by adopting cloud infrastructure, platform or software service offerings. This report provides an understanding of the level of cloud market maturity and explores the factors that will increase growth in the market as well as those that limit acceptance and reduce the benefits that enterprises can receive from cloud computing. To enterprises involved with cloud computing, the report provides CSA’s and ISACA’s recommendations to address important cloud-related issues. The report also provides guidance for individuals to help them better understand cloud market maturity and how they can address those factors that inhibit their ability to realize the value of cloud computing.