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Volume 2, 2018

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E-Governance of Currencies

E-Governance of Currencies
21 March 2018
Vijayavanitha Sankarapandian, CISA, CIA

Innovative ideas pave the way for efficient and seamless governance in any type of organization. Transparency and compliance, coupled with the ability to gather relevant and accurate data, lead to efficient governance by a government. This sort of governance is interdependent and is most effective when it is in evidence from the top of the government to the bottom. A well-governed government will have better governed private and public sectors and so on. If there is a good approach to facilitate the participation of the people at the micro level with the people at the macro level in the government, it is possible to achieve effective governance. Read More >>

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How to Prioritize Security Controls Implementation
12 March 2018
Rassoul Ghaznavi-Zadeh, CISM, COBIT Foundation, CISSP, SABSA SCF, TOGAF 9

When developing an information security architecture framework in a new organization, there are a few steps that normally have to be taken to identify the business requirements, the right framework and the controls needed to mitigate/minimize business risk. In my Journal article, I explained the process of how this works.

Once the controls are identified, it is time to create projects and implement them. This might not be a big issue when dealing with a mature company that already has many of controls in place and only needs a few additions. However; this could be challenging when the number of projects and controls increase. Read More >>

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