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Volume 5, 2018

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Effective Interactive Privileged Access Review

Effective Interactive Privileged Access Review
19 September 2018
Sundaresan Ramaseshan, CISM, ITIL-Foundation, ITIL-SO

Most organizations would agree that it is a good practice, albeit not an easy one, to establish rules relating to the amount and type of access to provide to particular job roles. Access control is a key element in protecting enterprise information. It requires focused analysis to identify all the activities a role may need to undertake to perform its function and what information or applications the role may need to do the job thoroughly and well. Life would be so much simpler if, after investing the time and effort in identifying roles and associated access rules, nothing ever changed and no exceptions were ever needed.

But, life rarely cooperates. Occasionally, certain individuals must be given privileged access to certain tools or information to accomplish a specific, discrete purpose—some aspect of their role that is outside the ordinary list of tasks. Read More >>

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The Growing Scope of the IoT
17 September 2018
R. V. Raghu

British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clark famously said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This seems to apply today like never before, especially with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). The day is not far off when your appliances are talking to your automobile, and your car is picking up your groceries after it has dropped off your kids at school and you at the office. While this may sound like science fiction (probably something Clark might have written) or something you see on the sliver screen, the underlying technology referred to as the Internet of Things has been around for a while and is already being used by a variety of players across industry sectors with scores of startups and established players betting big on this technology. Read More >>

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