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Volume 2, 2019

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Enterprise Risk Monitoring Methodology, Part 2

Enterprise Risk Monitoring Methodology, Part 2
10 April 2019
Luigi Sbriz, CISM, CRISC, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 LA, ITIL v3, UNI 11697:2017 DPO

An enterprise risk monitoring process requires the involvement of all the internal processes in the organization but under different perspectives, due to the processing of data having different degrees of granularity. This is generally considered a complex and time-consuming effort in linear proportion to the size of the organization. The most obvious goal is to contain the costs of managing the risk-monitoring process while seeking high-quality outcomes, reducing the time, effort and the complexity of the operation.

This methodological approach keeps the process simple and doable even in very large and complex organizations. Read More >>

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Simplifying Enterprise Risk Analysis
8 April 2019
Luigi Sbriz, CISM, CRISC, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 LA, ITIL v3, UNI 11697:2017 DPO

How many enterprise risk analysis reports must an organization release? A few years ago, I faced this question in light of cost, time and complexity of the solution. My conclusion is that 1 is fine.

Cost is a consequence of the details I need, the number of people involved and their time. Complexity can come from the need for training sessions (and increased costs). A lot of time spent on refreshing basic information means it is updated less frequently, and the obsolescence will decrease the quality of the results. Read More >>

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