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Partnering with ISACA means more than making the right contacts; it means being an insider. It means being connected to the right people with the right level of influence, and it means you are allied with a globally respected organization and leader in the IS & IT industry.

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  • Engagement with leaders in IS & IT audit, assurance, cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance
  • Access to IS & IT decision makers worldwide
  • Positioning your organization as a leader with a globally respected organization

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ISACA Journal Editorial Calendar 2018

Compared to other publications, the ISACA Journal puts you in front of your target market at a much more affordable price.
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Vol. 1 January/February
Future of Data Protection (GDPR)
21 Nov 2017
28 Nov 2017
2 Jan 2018
Vol. 2 March/April
Innovation Governance
24 Jan 2018
31 Jan 2018
1 Mar 2018
Vol. 3 May/June
Smart Revolution
22 Mar 2018
29 Mar 2018
1 May 2018
Vol. 4 July/August
Economics of Technology
24 May 2018
31 May 2018
2 July 2018
Vol. 5 September/October
Future Proofing Your Career
24 July 2018
31 July 2018
4 Sept 2018
Vol. 6 November/December
Digital Transformation
20 Sept 2018
27 Sept 2018
1 Nov 2018


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