ISACA Accredited Training Programs 

ISACA created its globally recognized certifications to serve as a mark of excellence for IT professionals and the enterprises that employ them. To ensure certification candidates get the most advanced and up-to-date materials and training experiences, ISACA created the Accredited Partner Program for qualifying training organizations.


What Is the Accredited Partner Program?

Information technology is constantly evolving, and in response, ISACA’s certifications and certificate programs also evolve each year to keep pace with recent developments. The certification and certificate exams, are regularly assessed and undergo revisions to better reflect the changing realities of the IT profession. Because of this commitment to quality, ISACA certifications continue to be highly valued worldwide.

To ensure training organizations and trainers are delivering the most relevant educational experience ISACA has created the Accredited Partner Program.

Accredited Partners offer greater value to their certification candidates because:

  • Trainers and organizations are pre-qualified against a set of standards and requirements to ensure only qualified applicants are accredited.
  • Trainers have gone through the rigors of accreditation proving both their subject matter expertise as well as their training ability (high quality and uniform learning experiences)
  • Refreshed course materials are provided by ISACA to Accredited Partners as updates to the certification programs occur, better aligning preparation and exam-taking
  • Increased exam passage rates allow candidates to get more out of their investment in training, resulting in more efficient preparation and reducing the need for re-examination and additional preparation

Why Get Accredited?

Accreditation provides a codified approach for training organizations interested in delivering training for ISACA certification and certificate programs. It also offers a way to differentiate your organization in the marketplace from other training options.

Upon accreditation, all ISACA Accredited Partners:

  • Display a badge signifying participation in the program—this sends a globally recognized message to potential candidates and competition
  • Receive access to ISACA’s authorized training materials and any future updates
  • Get free promotion on the ISACA website and exposure to more than 130,000 members
  • Are granted exclusive access to the partner resource center with customizable marketing templates
  • Earn incentives that can help further reduce the cost of training materials and program participation
  • Can earn status levels that confer additional benefits, depending on level of participation in the program

How to Get Accredited

ISACA has partnered with APMG to create an Accredited Training Program to elevate training experiences and outcomes.

If you are from (or represent) a training organization that wants to deliver accredited training for ISACA certifications, please fill out the form below and a representative from ISACA will reach out to you shortly with more details.