Archived Webinar: The New Cat and Mouse Game—AI and Malware 

Thursday, 24 January 2019
2 pm (EST) / 1 pm (CST) / 11 am (PST) / 19:00 (UTC)
60 minutes
1 CPE (Members only)

Criminals are creative. AI developments make it easier for cybercriminals to access data illegally and use it on a large scale. Stay a step ahead of AI enhanced cyber hacking.

Lisa Kaye LeVan will dive into how AI has potential to be weaponized, use of AI for automation of cybercrime processes, use of AI for video forgery to transform the meaning of evidence and truth, and give you a deeper understanding of how to detect and develop defenses against these types of attacks.

Lisa Kaye LeVanLisa Kaye LeVan Cyber Professional

Lisa Kaye Levan designs, develops and implements solutions to business challenges for small, medium and large organizations. She has over 17 years of experience including IT custom business solutions, multiple concurrent business critical enterprise level project management, and information security management. Her custom IT solutions for financial services, healthcare organizations, software companies, and manufacturing organizations have lowered administrative costs & maximized efficiency, maximized revenues, gave businesses new unique tools to win new business opportunities, delighted customers and providers. Experienced in asset security, risk management, security engineering, identity and access management, security assessment and training, security operations, software development security, communications and network security.