Archived Webinar: DNS as a Foundational Security Architecture for Digital Transformations 

Tuesday, 21 May 2019
12 pm (EDT) / 11 am (CDT) / 9 am (PDT) / 16:00 (UTC)
60 minutes
1 CPE (Members only)

The perimeter has shifted. Your users directly access cloud applications from everywhere and data no longer reside only in datacenters. Digital transformations like SD-WAN, IoT and cloud make securing your infrastructure, applications and data complicated. SD-WAN enabled branches directly connect to the Internet, but they don’t have the ability to replicate a full HQ security stack. IoT leads to an explosion of non-standard devices using non-standard protocols, making them harder to secure. Every new change doesn’t equal need for a new security tool.

What’s needed is a scalable, simple, and integrated security solution that leverages existing infrastructure that organizations already own. DNS is critical to the fabric of the internet and any IP based communication (on-premises, cloud, SD-WAN and IoT environments). It serves as the perfect foundation for security because it is simple to deploy, ubiquitous in networks, is needed anyway for connectivity and can scale to the size of the Internet.

Join this webinar to learn how leveraging DNS as a foundational security architecture for digital transformations can:

  • Protect your brand by securing your traditional networks and transformations like SD-WAN, Cloud and IoT
  • Reduce time and cost of your enterprise threat defense
  • Automate response when it sees things happening and provide data to the rest of the ecosystem

Michael KatzMichael KatzSecurity Sales Specialist Infoblox

Michael Katz has broad experience in information security as an entrepreneur, systems engineer, sales lead and cybersecurity specialist. Mr. Katz is currently a product sales specialist at Infoblox focusing on cyber security solutions. Mr. Katz founded RAE Internet, the US distributor for RAV Antivirus, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2005. Mr. Katz followed up RAE Internet with Mailspect, an email security and compliance platform, and then MatchMyEmail, a cloud email business intelligence service.

Mr. Katz has worked in cyber roles at Juniper Networks, where he focused on automated security architectures in financial services, Anomali, A10 Networks and Cisco.