Apply for CISM Certification 


The final step to becoming CISM certified is to submit the CISM Certification Application.

Prior to doing so, the following requirements must be met:  ✔ Pass the CISM Exam within the last 5 years.  ✔ Have the relevant full-time work experience* in the CISM Job Practice Areas.  ✔ Submit the CISM Certification Application including Application Processing Fee.

*Please see How to Become CISM Certified and the CISM FAQs for additional guidance on requirements for CISM certification.

Submit the Application Processing Fee Payment

A US$50 application processing fee is required for all application submissions. The application fee is one-time, non-refundable payment. Please complete the payment before submitting your application.

Pay Application Fee

Submit the CISM Certification Application

Submit your Application

Obtain and Complete the CISM Certification Application

Applicants meeting the CISM requirements must apply for certification by completing the certification application (downloadable below). As not all web browsers support fillable pdfs, we suggest using Adobe Reader when filling out this application electronically!

Applications for CISM Exam Passers 2017 and Later


Applications for CISM Exam Passers 2013 to 2016


Additional CISM Verification Forms

All certification applications come with one verification form. Additional verification forms are available to download below if needed.

Verification Form for CISM Exam Passers 2017 and Later


Verification Form for CISM Exam Passers 2013 to 2016


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the application review process typically take?The application review process typically takes up to two weeks from start to finish. Applications with missing or incomplete information can take longer.

What if my application has missing information or is incomplete?Applicants will be notified via email as soon as missing or incomplete information is found.How can I follow my application progress?You can follow your application progress on your page in the "Application Status" section of the dashboard.

Why don’t I see a status on my page?It can take up to two weeks (often less) for a change in status to appear.

How long will my certificate packet take to arrive?Certification packets are shipped through USPS and can take up to 8 weeks to be delivered depending on location. Delivery to destinations outside the US can take longer.

Can I print the application and scan it in?Yes, you can print and handwrite the application if needed.