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Thank you for your interest in submitting a COBIT case study—thus contributing to the growing global body of knowledge about COBIT. Case studies have proven extremely effective in clarifying for potential users the ways COBIT can be used and its benefits. There is no substitute for real-life experience!

Creating a COBIT case study is a fairly flexible process that is intended to accommodate to the greatest degree possible the needs and preferences of you and your enterprise. However, the following information provides some general guidelines that should provide you an idea of what to expect.

If you are interested in proceeding, or have any questions, please contact Jen Hajigeorgiou at

Please contact for details on upcoming deadlines.

Author Information

Please submit the complete name, certifications (if desired), job title and a brief (three to five sentences) biography on relevant work experience for each author. You can choose to remain anonymous, if you prefer.

Case Study

We welcome case studies of any length—from a few paragraphs to a full-length magazine article. To develop the content, we have found it helpful to use a series of questions as the “framework” for a case study. These questions are intended to ensure that the case studies offered to readers are thorough, helpful and consistent. However, as the author, you are encouraged to lead the way, bringing your own voice to the topic and relying heavily on your own experiences. In other words, the questions are a starting point—if some are not pertinent, omit them; if there are other aspects to your COBIT experience you believe would be of interest to readers, please include them.

Your case study should be practice-based and talk about how your organization used COBIT, what risk areas you identified, what controls you used to mitigate those risk areas, and what benefits you gained from using the framework.

Here are the questions:

  1. Why did your organization recognize the need to use COBIT? What situation needed to be addressed? What version of COBIT did you use?
  2. Relative to COBIT, please describe:
    1. How you obtained the support of the board or senior management
    2. How it was identified as the framework to use
    3. Your organization’s goals in using the framework
    4. How well the goals were achieved
    5. An example of how a specific process or issue was addressed and improved
    6. How you plan to use the framework in the future
  3. If you are migrating or have migrated from COBIT 4. 1 to COBIT 5, what was your experience with migration? Please provide any lessons learned you may have for readers.
  4. Share any charts, graphics or forms that your organization used (blank templates are acceptable) in implementing the framework
  5. Please add other comments you have about COBIT.


ISACA requires that you assign the article’s copyright to ISACA (this copyright covers the article, not your ideas).

ISACA’s Support

We understand you are very busy and we will help you with the process as much as possible. Whether you submit responses or a narrative, ultimately everything is reviewed by ISACA staff to ensure that it is presented in ISACA style. It is not our intent to change your content at all; our revisions will be in the nature of punctuation, correction of typos, and use of upper- and lowercase letters. You will have an opportunity to review our edits before the article is published to ensure we have not changed the intent of your submission.


Case studies may appear in a variety of venues:

  • COBIT Focus, an e-newsletter sent to the COBIT community (more than 100,000 worldwide)
  • ISACA Journal, a bimonthly magazine provided in print and electronically to all ISACA members (100,000 worldwide, and read by more than 250,000)
  • The ISACA web site (including the electronic representation of the two periodicals just noted)
  • Excerpted on social media, with a link to the web site
  • Excerpted in news releases and bylined articles.

ISACA Journal articles run between 1,000 and 3,000 words; COBIT Focus articles run between 500 and 1,000 words. ISACA’s senior editorial manager will work with you on a publication date and will provide the deadline date for submission based on the agreed publication date.

Articles and responses to the case study questions should be submitted via email to Maurita Jasper at, as Word attachments.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a COBIT case study—thus contributing to the growing global body of knowledge about COBIT. If you are interested in proceeding, or have any questions, please contact Maurita Jasper at