Digital Transformation

A 2017 ISACA Research Report on Emerging Technologies

Are your enterprise leaders digitally literate? The answer to that question has a clear impact on your organization's digital transformation efforts, according to ISACA's 2017 Digital Transformation Barometer.

ISACA's research also looked at emerging technologies ranging from virtual reality to blockchain, to determine which are moving most quickly from wishlist to reality, and the related risks and benefits.

View the research report, infographic, blog posts and more, for ISACA's full analysis on digital transformation and digital literacy—and see what the findings mean for your organization.

Research Report


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Blog Post

Getting Digital Transformation Right: The Fundamental Three by Phil Zongo and Natasha Barnes

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Enterprise Leaders Should Steer Organizations on Path to Digital Transformation by Matt Loeb

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News Release

View a news release highlighting key ISACA research findings on digital transformation.

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