Improving Security Awareness Using Marketing Techniques 

Does Your Enterprise Security Training Actually Change Behavior?

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Enterprises spend large amount of time and money on information security training and awareness for employees to drive various positive outcomes: better threat responses, reduced risky behavior, and increased regulatory compliance. However, the metrics and reporting on the actual success of these training and awareness activities is often lacking—especially when you consider the level of detail that goes into most security-related reporting.

The goal of these activities should not be to satisfy a check-the-box mentality, but to bring about positive behavioral change within an organization. According to our FREE white paper, Improving Security Awareness Using Marketing Techniques, some modest changes in how enterprises plan, create and manage awareness activities should result in much greater effectiveness. The right tracking, combined with lessons offered by marketing professionals who understand how to gauge brand awareness and customer interactions, can help create campaigns that truly make a difference.

Learn how to adopt and leverage specific methods that can solve your enterprise’s current security training and awareness challenges, creating better ROI for these investments and better outcomes. Download your FREE white paper today!