Getting Started With Governance of Enterprise IT (GEIT) 

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Implementing a governance of enterprise IT (GEIT) system successfully brings myriad benefits including lower costs, greater control and overall increased efficiency and effectiveness. The primary purpose of using a GEIT system is to deliver value to stakeholders. If that value cannot be delivered, or if delivery is not well understood, the resources consumed to implement GEIT will be wasted.

A proven GEIT framework will permit the identification of the steps that are needed to perform this value delivery and how to measure its impact and ongoing effectiveness. Given the great degree of uniqueness of enterprises around the world, a framework is the appropriate tool to use. As opposed to standards, which command compliance, a framework allows, even requires, customization to fit the enterprise it serves. This paper describes the use of a framework to implement GEIT, the resources needed to do so and the benefits that can be expected.