The Vaguely Defined Perimeter 

A Perspective from Marcus J. Ranum

Marcus Ranum, a pioneer in security technology, is considered a world-renowned expert on security system design and implementation. In working with various practitioners and organizations over the course of his career, he has heard people say that “the perimeter is dead.” This concept frustrates Ranum because it not only shows a lack of understanding about security, it also illustrates confusion about what exactly is a perimeter.

In this Perspectives article authored by Ranum, The Vaguely Defined Perimeter, he challenges misunderstood notions about perimeter security and discusses five factors that he believes will impact future security perimeter measures.

The bottom line: the perimeter will always be with us because “the perimeter is an organizing principle, not a technology,” Ranum declares. Learn how the elements of that perimeter may evolve—what constitutes these defenses and how they impact enterprise workflows—and what these developments mean for IT and business professionals in the future. Download the free article today!

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