Security, Audit and Control Features Oracle PeopleSoft, 3rd Edition 

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Between the covers of this book, readers will find all the details needed to confidently plan and execute a detailed review of risk and controls in a PeopleSoft® environment. A lot has changed in terms of new product features, new releases and various regulatory compliance requirements for enterprises since the second edition of this guide was published in 2005. This third edition aims to ensure that the audit programs, risk and controls are functional and relevant with current research for Oracle® PeopleSoft HRMS release 9.1. In addition, chapter 12, New Directions for PeopleSoft and ERP Audit, discusses the changing compliance landscape, tools to assist with compliance and Oracle Fusion, and the pathway for PeopleSoft installations.

This publication has been written with the business manager in mind. IT and audit and assurance professionals will also find it highly informative and helpful. Other audiences include security and risk management professionals. Parts of the publication are written for those looking to learn more about how PeopleSoft applications work, as well as the strategic and risk management issues. However, for the most part, the book assumes that the reader has a fundamental working knowledge of PeopleSoft.

Although there are many books that have been written on PeopleSoft, they are more narrowly focused on the implementation, business aspects or how one of the PeopleSoft modules actually works. This publication is unique in that it deals with aspects of risk management, audit, security and control over PeopleSoft. These are important aspects that have not been dealt with previously in a comprehensive manner in one publication. The book is also unique in that it contains audit/assurance programs, audit suggestions and internal control questionnaires (ICQs) for the business cycles addressed within the publication.

This series of technical and risk management reference guides deals with security, audit and control features of ERP systems. The series is intended to be considered collectively; consequently, common business processes and the related risk and control features are not covered in each and every guide.