Phishing Defense And Governance 

How to Improve User Awareness, Enhance Controls and Build Process Maturity

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Phishing and email-borne attacks more than doubled from 2017 to 2018, and global financial losses from these attacks exceeded $12 billion over an 18-month period, according to law enforcement statistics. Given the pervasiveness of this threat activity, it is no wonder that the typical email user receives an average of 16 malicious emails per month. In response, enterprises continue to invest heavily in phishing mitigation.

Yet enterprises don’t seem to be getting the right return on those investments, according to a new survey of security, assurance, risk and governance professionals conducted by ISACA. Our FREE white paper, Phishing Defense and Governance, discusses the survey results and the best practices successfully used by enterprises. Among the learnings: Programs to promote phishing awareness and training often have easily correctable holes in their execution.

Gain knowledge about potential improvements you can make to your enterprise’s phishing defenses, and then learn how you can optimize anti-phishing management and governance practices. Download your FREE white paper today!