Continuous Assurance Using Data Threat Modeling 

Adopt an Attacker’s-Eye View To Monitor Data and Establish Controls

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Business professionals and IT practitioners agree that data are a valuable commodity for enterprises in many ways. The notion of using data to help monitor and manage risk tolerances in audit and assurance activities is often overlooked. Data should be considered and analyzed as the enterprise selects, plans and deploys controls, and should also be part of enterprise evaluation of the performance of those controls.

New threats to data may occur suddenly or over time, so a formal mechanism should be established to account for data threats in a structured, systematic way. Our FREE white paper, Continuous Assurance Using Data Threat Modeling, produced with SecurityScorecard offers a path forward: Adopt an attacker’s-eye view of your data by employing the common security practice of threat modeling and applying those tactics to data.

By looking at data this way and following this formalized methodology, enterprises can establish a model and baseline for monitoring data risk over time and maintaining risk within acceptable parameters. Keep your controls environment up-to-date and protect the data and other valuable enterprise assets needed for competitive advantage. Download your FREE white paper today!