2018 IT Audit Leaders Summit Recap 

By Invitation Only: Senior Audit Executives Share Their Insights

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Annually, at ISACA’s CACS Conferences in North America and Europe, a select group of senior-level IT audit professionals, from directors to vice presidents to chief audit executives (CAEs), are invited to share solutions to challenges confronting the audit profession. At the 2018 IT Audit Leaders Summit, the discussions focused on real-world issues, with the reoccurring theme of innovation and its impact on IT Audit.

This white paper, 2018 IT Audit Leaders Summit Recap, covers the topics discussed, which include how organizational innovation is driving change in ways audit teams work, both from an emerging risk perspective and from a strategic approach. The final section of the paper concludes with a summary of actionable steps that can be taken to holistically address the challenges identified at both summits.

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