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Using Red Teaming to Improve Your Security

Red team exercises can help enterprises find and address their weaknesses. Unfortunately, the cybersecurity skills gap extends to red teams and blue teams. In this podcast, Frank Downs and Dustin Brewer discuss why red teaming, in conjunction with blue teaming, is a valuable tool for cybersecurity, and they also discuss some of the causes of and solutions to the skills gap. Provide your feedback on the ISACA Podcast here.

The Cyber Pros Exchange Series

Are you looking for thought leadership and practical tips for IT industry professionals and anyone interested in security? Frank Downs and Dustin Brewer, two of ISACA’s in-house security experts, discuss the latest breaking news in security and industry trends. (Episodes released monthly.)

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Podcast 2019 Podcasts

  Using Red Teaming to Improve Your Security
  Examining the NordVPN Hack
  Exploring Cybersecurity Misconceptions in Pop Culture


From Page to Podcast Series

Your chance to get an in-depth perspective with ISACA authors on their recently published work, which includes peer-reviewed Journal articles and white papers, and understand their insights on topics relating to audit, security, governance and compliance. (Episodes released monthly.)

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Podcast 2019 Podcasts

  Using COBIT to Govern and Manage Third-Party Risk  (View Webinar)
  Using COBIT for Effective Digital Transformation  (View Article)
  Addressing the Challenges Facing IT Auditors  (View Article)


  Applying Environmental Sustainability to Digital Transformation  (View Article)
  Who Holds the Keys to Your Data  (View Article)
  Internet of Medical Things  (View Article)
  Does IT Auditing Still Make Sense?  (View Article)
  Moving Risk Management From Fear and Avoidance to Performance and Value  (View Article)
  Another Win for Global Consumer Data Rights  (View Article)
  What Is Information Security Worth?  (View Article)
  The Road to GDPR Compliance (View Article)

Podcast 2018 Podcasts

  Growing a Cybersecurity Career: Questions for the Job Interview  (View Article)
  Why We Failed  (View Article)
  Digital Transformation? Boards Are Not Ready for It!  (View Article)
  I Left My Security in the Office  (View Article)
  The Promises and Jeopardies of Blockchain Technology  (View Article)
  Applying a Technological Integration
  Disaster Recovery Management in the Multimodal Era  (View Article)
  Managing Availability in the Multi-Modal Era  (View Article)
  Mistakes Happen—Mitigating Unintentional Data Loss
  (View Article)

Podcast 2017 Podcasts

  Governance, Risk, Compliance and a Big Data Case Study  (View Article)
  Anatomy of an IoT DDoS Attack and Potential Policy Responses  (View Article)
  Information Security in the Multi-Modal Era  (View Article)
  Social Media Rewards and Risk  (View Article)
  The Automation Conundrum  (View Article)

ISACA 50th Anniversary Series

As ISACA celebrates its 50th anniversary throughout 2019, you can explore the big-picture technology trends that have impacted ISACA’s professional community—and society—over the past 50 years, and the role that technology practitioners will play in innovating the future.(Episodes released monthly.)

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Podcast 2019 Podcasts

  Rise of the Digital Natives
  New Paths in the Pursuit of Knowledge
  Volunteerism: The Catalyst of ISACA’s Sustained Growth


Off-Stage & Off-Script Series

This is your all-access pass so you can hear from ISACA conference keynote speakers, presenters and stars in the technology field, providing you with behind-the-scenes information that goes beyond what is shared with ISACA conference attendees. (Episodes tied to ISACA events schedule.)

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Podcast 2019 Podcasts

  Dynamic Information Security in a Static Organizational Culture
  Overcoming Complexity to Secure Critical Infrastructure
  Cyberleadership in an Ecosystem Context


SheLeadsTech Series

Listen to success stories from women leaders in technology and interviews with industry leaders addressing the challenges and opportunities facing women in the tech workforce. (Episodes released bimonthly.)

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Podcast 2019 Podcasts

  Dispelling Myths About the Tech Workforce Gender Gap
  Making Strides in Tech Workplace Culture
  Women in Technology: Starting Early to Address the Leaky Pipeline