IT Governance Using COBIT and Val IT 

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Student Book

  • Chapter 1, Purpose of This Document: to develop a learning resource that can be used effectively by students who have little or no business experience.
  • Chapter 2, Governing IT Resources, describes IT governance practices and how an organization can create business value through IT investments.
  • Chapter 3, Managing IT Risks, presents a framework of control objectives designed to help an organization manage risks that threaten information and related technology.
  • Chapter 4, Providing IT Assurance, describes the processes that assurance professionals use to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of IT controls.
  • Chapter 5, Auditing IT Controls Over Financial Reporting.
  • The Appendix contains the COBIT components for five processes: DS2 (expanded as an example), PO9, AI2, DS5 and ME2.

PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint Presentation of 35 slides introduces COBIT as a solution to the need for a control and governance framework, explains the COBIT elements, and provides a brief walkthrough of each of the components of COBIT, i.e., control objectives, management guidelines, control practices and assurance steps. This presentation can be used as a stand-alone teaching aid for those professors just getting started with COBIT. It can also serve to supplement those materials that they may have created on their own.

City Medical Partners Case Study

Tampa Bay Office Furniture Inc. A Case Study

TIBO Case Study

This extensive Case Study can be used in the classroom, to enable students to experience the use of COBIT in a practical situation. This case is comprehensive and aimed at the graduate level where the knowledge and interest is at a deeper level. The Case Study material provides a detailed description of a case company, and questions/assignments for the students.

Caselets, 2nd Edition

Caselets, 3rd Edition

These mini-cases are applicable for smaller classroom COBIT exercises at graduate or undergraduate level. These caselets may also be used by academics at professional conferences. Each caselet provides a case description, questions/assignments for students.