COBIT 5 Accreditation 


The right business framework can help organizations align stakeholder needs, enhance communication, improve decision making ultimately enabling business goals. Look for ISACA’s new COBIT 5 training programs to learn the true power of a business framework.

COBIT 5 Accreditation

Why Get Accredited?

Accreditation provides a codified approach for training organizations and individuals interested in becoming licensed to deliver COBIT 5 training and exams.

Benefit from the following:

  • Promotion on the ISACA web site and exposure to more than 115,000 constituents
  • Licensed use of intellectual property
  • A seamless process for administering training and exams globally

Trainers and training organizations must be approved, accredited and licensed by an ISACA-certified examination institute before they can deliver COBIT 5 training and examinations.

How to Get Accredited

Any training organization or individual who wants to deliver COBIT 5 courses and exams should follow the simple instructions below to initiate the accreditation process:

Important Note for Accredited Training Partners Regarding COBIT 5 Training and Exams

Effective 1 September 2018, the following changes will be made to the COBIT 5 Training Scheme and exam requirements and pricing.

Renewal Fees ISACA recognises that the current fee structure has been a barrier for some ATOs and Trainers to apply for and renew COBIT 5 accreditation. In response to market feedback, a decision has been made to significantly reduce the annual renewal fees for ATOs and Individual Trainers.

Please contact your accrediting institution for more information regarding the revised renewal fee structure and any credits that you may have accrued as a result of these changes.

Exam Pricing Exam pricing has not changed since 2012, a decision was made to bring the fees in line with the market value for all COBIT 5 examinations globally. As a result, exam fees will increase beginning 1 September 2018.

Please contact your accrediting institution for more details on the revised pricing structure.

Exam Requirements The following changes have been made regarding prerequisites to taking COBIT 5 exams:

  • In order to take the Implementing the NIST Standards using COBIT 5 (INCS) exam, candidates will be required to pass the COBIT 5 Foundation exam.
  • To allow wider accessibility for individuals to take the COBIT 5 exams, the option to self-study is being extended to all COBIT 5 exam levels. Attending an accredited training course for the higher levels is recommended however will no longer be a mandatory requirement.

If you have any further questions, please contact your accrediting institute or ISACA at