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Governing Digital Transformation Using COBIT 2019
An Ehealth Case Study

By Aqel M. Aqel, CISA, CRISC, CGEIT, COBIT 5 Foundation, CSSGB, SMP

COBIT Focus | 20 May 2019

Many countries have launched ehealth initiatives as a response to public-sector transformation. It is one of the business sectors impacted by the vertical digitization movement that has become the trend in the last decade along with eeducation, ebanking, egovernment and more. A key indicator that summarizes ehealth maturity could be the centralized health records and access to patients’ medical histories anytime and anywhere.

This particular case study is an ehealth initiative that faced many challenges from both the business and technical perspectives. Those challenges include...Read More >>

Tips for Implementing COBIT in a Continuously Changing Environment

By José Ángel Peña Ibarra

COBIT Focus | 29 April 2019

There is a new term coined here: “COBITIAN.” It describes professionals who love COBIT and are excited and happy for the evolution to COBIT 2019, including its new governance and management objectives, design factors, and focus areas concepts. After many years training and helping organizations address governance and management issues... Read More >>

COBIT 2019 Hot Off the Press
First Impressions Through Use at a Major Asian Bank

By Markus Walter and Bob Hayward

COBIT Focus | 15 April 2019

2019 is off to a strong start—there is an exciting year to come, and a refreshed and revitalized IT governance framework to explore. Released in December 2018, COBIT 2019 is a major revision of the well-established set of guides for effective IT governance. Thankfully, the perfect opportunity presented itself to test-drive COBIT 2019 with a client in Asia whose project commenced... Read More >>