Current Issue: Volume 18  4 September 2019

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Tips From Industry Experts

Jack Freund
By Jack Freund, Ph.D., CISA, CRISC, CISM

Oftentimes, stories are widely circulated in organizations and serve as a source of truth. For instance, it could be an enterprise’s belief that an organizational apocalypse will occur if the website goes down. Versions of these stories abound, ranging from claiming losses of millions of dollars an hour to mass customer desertion. Read More >>

Complying With New Laws and Regulations Around the World

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) inspired the US states of California and Washington to enact similar privacy laws, and many more states and countries are expected to follow suit. Privacy regulations are in the forefront not only in Europe and the United States but also in Australia, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and more. Read More >>

Secure Your Network’s Perimeter

Gaining perimeter access to networks can easily be accomplished via physical or proximity means. Some easy ways to thwart nefarious actors are to turn off your phone Wi-Fi when you leave your work or home and to never pick up a misplaced universal serial bus (USB) drive on the sidewalk. Read More >>


Automation has allowed machines to take over many jobs people used to perform, freeing humanity up to innovate and pursue more purposeful, meaningful careers. In this Off-Stage and Off-Script episode of the ISACA Podcast, EuroCACS/CSX Conference 2019 keynote speaker Jon Duschinsky discusses why people and organizations should be excited by this new professional environment. Read More >>

Join ISACA for a Global Day of Service on ISACA CommunITy Day

ISACA is committed to giving back and hopes to give ISACA members around the world a chance to make the world a better place during this new event, ISACA CommunITy Day on 5 October 2019. This inaugural event exemplifies ISACA’s purpose, promise and values with a day of volunteer service. Read More >>